Data Management and all that TraD

Welcome to the data management blog for the University of East London.

UEL adopted a policy on managing research data in March 2012. Yesterday we received the letter confirming a grant for our TraD project from the JISC. TraD stands for “Training for Data management”, and is an eleven-month project to May 2013 that will embed data management training at UEL in three areas:

  • Training postgraduate students in Computer Science and Psychology as part of their courses
  • Running workshops as part of the Researcher Development Programme organised by the Graduate School
  • Developing and testing an online learning module for research support and subject librarians involved in supporting data management at UEL

We will be releasing learning materials under CC-BY licences  and sharing our experiences with UEL and others involved in data management. TraD is a collaboration between four teams at UEL and two external partners

  • Library and Learning Services (project lead)
  • School of Architecture, Computing and Engineering
  • School of Psychology
  • Graduate School
  • Digital Curation Centre
  • Library and Information Research Group

More details will follow as we get TraD underway.


One comment

  1. Sarah Jones (@sjDCC) · June 29, 2012

    Congratulations on getting the funding, Steve!

    Look forward to working with you on it.


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