Surveying our researchers

We launched our questionnaire to researchers (both academic staff and PGR students) on 29 November. This aims to inform us of current researcher RDM practice, where the challenges are, and what they would like from a support service and infrastructure. It will also help with training needs analysis, both generally and specifically in Psychology and Computer Science.

Sarah Jones, Monica Duke and I met in May to consider what we wanted to ask in the questionnaire, and in this we were greatly helped by some existing surveys from elsewhere. We directly used questions from each of the three resources below, and adapted others, as well as contributing our own questions more tailored to the situation at UEL:

John Murtagh reworked some of the questions in October, with his work on the Kaptur project and DCC’s institutional engagement at UAL fresh in mind. In particular, he added scenario-based questions in the final section to ground researchers’ consideration of a future RDM support service in the real world. John compiled the survey using LimeSurvey software.

We will report on the survey next month after it closes. In the meantime, you can download a copy of our questionnaire design here Your Research Data at UEL 20121129



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