An overview of the supportDM course

“What is this whole research data thing anyway?”
“Why should it concern me, what has the library got to do with this?”
“How can I advise on writing a Data Management Plan”

These are the types of questions librarians ask when contemplating involvement in an RDM support service.  John and I met with Sarah Jones and Monica Duke of DCC this week to firm up the course outline and content for the “supportDM” training course aimed at liaison librarians. Here’s what we are telling our colleagues signing up for the course starting in early March.


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Teaching RDM to Psychology students

School of Psychology at UEL

School of Psychology at UEL

We’ve recently kick-started our RDM training for post-graduate students in the School of Psychology. In addition to the introduction presentations on RDM we are offering five online modules using the MANTRA course material via the newly launched Moodle virtual learning environment at UEL.

Our course will cover the following MANTRA modules:

1. Research Data Explained
2. Organising Data 
3. Documentation and Metadata
4. Storage and Security
5. Data protection, rights & access

Our first Introductory class included 27 professional doctoral students in clinical psychology and our second 12 professional doctoral students and 1 PhD student in educational psychology.

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