Psychology RDM Workshop

On Wednesday 13th March Stephen and I organised a workshop for academics in the School of Psychology.

Our aims were the following:

  1. To inform participants of funder expectations for RDM
  2. To share good practice in data management planning
  3. To gather RDM requirements from psychology researchers
  4. To offer tailored support via data clinic sessions

Also helping us on the day was Dr Richard Plant, who formerly worked on two JISC MRD Projects (DMTpsych Project at the University of York, and Data Management Planning and Storage for Psychology (DMSPpsych) at the University of Sheffield.

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Launching SupportDM

Stephen Grace and Our Survey Says….

Yesterday saw the start of  the training strand of the TraD project which is developing skills appropriate to those planning a library-led RDM support service.

SupportDM” is being run as a “blended learning” programme which combines presentations, online learning modules, activities and group reflection. The 5 modules of the course are as follows:

  1. About RDM
  2. Guidance and support for researchers
  3. Data management planning
  4. What to keep and why
  5. Cataloguing and sharing data

Yesterday’s first meeting brought together seven subject librarians at UEL in addition to the Academic Services & Skills Manager, an Assistant Librarian and two Commonwealth Fellows from Ghana and India.

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