The joy of sharing: cataloguing and sharing data

Yesterday we met with our subject librarians to kick off Module 5 of supportDM, on cataloguing and sharing data. We were pleased to be joined by Monica Duke of the Digital Curation Centre, who led the workshop. Several commented favourably on Monica’s presentation so many thanks, Monica, for joining us in East London. Monica gave an overview presentation ahead of the online learning and homework task, covering these areas:

  • drivers for sharing dataMonica leading exercise module5 20130508
  • barriers to sharing data
  • data repositories
  • data discovery
  • data citation
  • data licensing

Monica also led an exercise, getting the participants to name barriers to sharing data and then to think about ways to overcome such barriers. Although some disciplines have a culture of sharing data, others don’t and some academics are reticent to share for a variety of reasons. It helps if those supporting and advising researchers can give positive reasons for data sharing, and know appropriate strategies to allay fears.

The Xerte online learning package and supporting material for Module 5 will be made available in a couple of weeks’ time at, along with those for Module 4.


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