Are you open yet?

We have recently had three enquiries about meeting funder expectations for data from researchers at UEL – one wanting to demonstrate institutional controls on the licenced use of NHS data and two writing Data Management Plans (DMP) for the first time. We have not set up our support service yet – though we have a name at least.our-logo And our colleagues in UEL’s research office (which is called Research and Development Services or ReDS for short) have been letting those writing bids about our work. Hence the contact from three researchers. In response we quickly created a DMP at UEL flyer- maybe we will need to refine it when we are properly established as a support service.

The first involved looking for policies other than the research data one – information security, our Code of Good Practice in Research, etc. These would reassure the NHS Trust owning the data that it would be managed well within UEL, and that the researcher would be held to account for any breaches.

The other two were for research councils (AHRC and MRC): for the first I read through the draft bid and Technical Plan and offered comments on improving the latter, while for the second I read through the draft bid and drafted a DMP using the DMPOnline tooldmp-online-logo. John and I then met with the researcher to tease out some of the detail, and the DMPonline document was reworked by the researcher for submission with the bid.  We will follow up with each researcher and ask how they found the service – even though we are not officially open for business!

And we are keen to find ways to share best practice in writing DMPs at UEL.


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