Fun with LARD

Friday afternoon saw the inaugural meeting of LARD, the London Area Research Data group for those involved in RDM services. LARD aims to be a practical and supportive environment for sharing news and views with colleagues at other institutions, and the meeting certainly delivered on that. Kindly hosted by King’s College London, people came from across London (and even farther afield): East London, Goldsmiths, Imperial, King’s College, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, LSE, Middlesex, NatCen Social Research, Queen Mary, Reading, Royal Holloway, Royal Veterinary College and University of London Computer Centre

We all shared what we have been up to in our respective institutions, and it was interesting to hear how quite different approaches have been taken to supporting researchers. A few things I’ve taken from the meeting:

Go to where researchers are to talk to them about RDM

Institutional funds for examples of good practice

Access to training and information at different points of research lifecyle

Not just formal workshops, but bite-sized resources too

Standard guidance texts to help draft DMPs

Ask Research Offices to notify of successful awards for RDM support

Lowlander Grand Cafe

Lowlander Grand Cafe, copyright image by Ewan Munro CC BY-SA 2.0

Gareth Knight led us on a SWOT analysis of our respective RDM offers, to help us think about what we might want from LARD. We agreed to meet again in the autumn, with a special focus on data repositories. We’d just about dried off from the downpour which struck as people arrived by the time we adjourned for the liquid meet along the street at Lowlander Grand Café.


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