Open Access workflows

David and I have been thinking about workflows at UEL to support an institutional Open Access policy – which was driven by the recent HEFCE policy for the post-2014 REF.

I thought about the various processes for adding content to a repository like ROAR where an accepted version is being made available (or at least announced) ahead of publication, where some metadata would need to augment the record at a later date. And I thought about who might do this work. ROAR is a mediated repository where I add and check everything (barring a handful of self-depositing academics). Anticipating a great increase in work, we are investigating the case for extra staff in the library to continue this mediated service. So David created two workflows, one for the mediated service and another where researchers manage their own affairs on ROAR. This will help us discuss an institutional approach with academics and senior staff.

Here they are – I wonder how other universities are planning to deal with adding accepted manuscripts to their repositories?

Mediated workflow

Mediated workflow

Researcher workflow

Researcher workflow


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